Tips for a Successful Technical Interview

With these tips, each technical interview is a stepping stone towards your desired career!

Tips for a Successful Technical Interview

Mastering the coding interview takes a lot more than just memorizing some algorithms and practicing leetcode.

Here are a few crucial tips to guide you!

Research the company and familiarize yourself with their products or services

Which scenario sounds better to you?

Candidate A: “Hmm what tech stack do you use here?”

Candidate B: “Since I noticed you use React, I’d love to talk about my side project built in React.”

A prepared candidate gets the job! It shows that you care about the interview, that you did your research, and you want the job!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve interviewed a candidate where they asked super basic questions that could have been answered with a quick Google search.

Not only will researching the company help you be prepared during the interview to ask good in-depth questions to be a better candidate, but it also will help you determine if the company is a fit for you.

Focus on articulating your thought process

In a technical interview, you’ll be expected to talk through a problem and explain your thought process.

Talk out loud while solving problems! Even if it’s to yourself. Even if it’s to your kid or dog or cat or a stuffed animal!

It’s a very unnatural thing to talk out loud while coding. But it can help you land the job if you can talk through your thought process with confidence.

Revisit your fundamentals in your spare time

Interviews can be really stressful.

And with stress? We tend to forget things.

Especially if we are a little shaky on a topic even when we aren’t stressed. 

Unless you’re an expert in coding interviews, nerves can easily pop up and make us forget even the most basic questions!

The best way to combat nerves is preparation. Preparing until you know a topic so well that you can answer a question even when shaking with nerves!

How much time can you set aside each week to interview prep? Can you cut out Netflix for a few months? Can you wake up a little earlier? Can you go out with friends a little less often?

Even twenty to thirty minutes a few times a week will make a difference in a technical interview. 

Even though it’s not very fun, practicing coding challenges and studying algorithms regularly will help you be more prepared and confident for a technical interview.

And if you don’t get an offer, ask for feedback

Most of the time, companies won’t be able to give you much information because of liability. BUT sometimes you’ll get lucky and get some great feedback.

It’s low effort to at least ask if something went wrong.

While some companies may withhold in-depth feedback due to legal reasons, gaining even small insights can be constructive for your future interviews.

Remember, the more interviews you have, the more likely you are to land an offer

You know what’s really easy?

When we delay doing an actual interview for months because we’re scared. 

It’s SO much easier to study for months and make flashcards and read books instead of putting yourself out there and going to an interview.

It’s a lot harder to go to an interview and put yourself out there!

So, force yourself.

Commit to one interview per month even if you don’t feel ready. You’re always more prepared than you think! 

My last job? I wasn’t ready for the interview at all. It was a company I was REALLY excited about and I had used them for years. But I didn’t want to wait in case they stopped hiring! I landed the job.

With these tips, each technical interview is a stepping stone towards your desired career!

Randall Kanna


Senior Software Engineer at Trim with almost a decade of experience. Published O'Reilly Author. Ex Eventbrite, Pandora, Gumroad, Ticketfly.